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Guatemala Antigua Covadonga - Klatch Coffee Roasting


Guatemala Antigua Covadonga

chocolate - lime - guava

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 REGION:  Antigua     FARM:  Finca Covadonga     FARMER:  Don Robert Sanches Lazo
VARIETAL: Bourbon + Caturra     ALTITUDE:  1660 M     PROCESS:  Washed      ROAST:  Medium


The Guatemala Antigua Covadonga is back and one of our favorite crops this year! Mild chocolate, a sweet lime acidity, and a guava finish. A great all day coffee that is clean and balanced. This coffee offers a smooth body and a very pleasant lingering aftertaste, providing an elevated and memorable drinking experience. 


Ken Davids of Coffee Review in his 93 POINTS -  assessment describes our GUATEMALA ANTIGUA COVADONGA as:

Sept. 2013 - 93 points:  "Smooth, layered complexity. Delicate floral notes, nut-toned chocolate, honey, a hint of banana in aroma and cup. Balanced, sweet-toned acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. The floral notes in particular surface in a sweet, surprisingly deep finish...A fine exemplar of the sweet lucidity of the celebrated Antigua cup."

Oct. 2010 - 93 points: "a sweetly bright yet balanced cup. The acidity is delicate yet penetrating, the mouthfeel is light, smooth and silky, orange, honey, flowers and a hint of milk chocolate in both aroma and cup... A precious, pure and lyrical coffee."

A verdant colonial region in central highlands of Guatemala, Antigua is nestled within three volcanoes. The Finca Covadonga coffee farm is an elegant treasure composed of dedicated farmers along with a vast knowledge and passion for coffee. Antigua is perfect for cultivating coffee, with ample rainfall, altitude above 4,900 feet and a constant humidity of 65% -- making Antigua coffees number one in Guatemala. 

Imagine a coffee that perfectly combines body, flavor, and aroma. Guatemala Antigua Covadonga coffee is internationally renowned for its unique characteristics: fragrance and lingering aroma, slight sweetness, clean and pleasant. 



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