Panama Elida Torre ASD Natural Geisha 422


Panama Elida Torre ASD Natural Geisha 422

Special Date Roast
floral - lemongrass - clementine

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 REGION:  Alto Quiel     FARM:  Elida Estate - Torre    FARMERS:  Lamastus Family
ALTITUDE:  1700 - 2060 M    VARIETAL:   Geisha     PROCESS:  ASD Natural  ROAST:  Medium


Mike is excited to offer our complex and very intense Panama Elida Torre ASD Natural Geisha 422 with flavor notes of floral, lemongrass and clementine.  With undertones of sweet macerated strawberries and delicate floral perfume.


The Panama Elida is an award-winning BOP (Best of Panama), ASD Natural geisha coffee. It has flavor notes of bergamot, pear, and cherry pie. Our producer Wilford Lamastus has found success using an anaerobic slow dry technique, often used in the wine-making world. The time and attention given to the Panama Elida makes it a coffee especially worth savoring. Elida Estate has placed in the top 3 scores at the BOP for 6 of the last 7 years. In 2020, the Elida Geisha Natural ASD initially tied for fourth place before emerging from the tiebreaker at sixth. Cupping score of 91.5 points

ASD (Anaerobic Slow Dry) involves fermenting the cherries for 144 hours in sealed tanks. Substantial alteration to the end profile is thought to be due to the types of microbes that survive and participate in the low oxygen environment - which results in a unique end profile. Learn more...>>

Wilford Jr. won the title of National Champion at the Brewer’s Cup, successfully defending his title from last year. He also placed in the top 5 in Open service at the World Championship in Boston alongside the debut of the EGN ASD process. He eagerly awaits another chance to compete with the best of the best at the next World Championship. The EGN ASD has several records: BACK-TO-BACK WINS at the BOP, breaking our own records in 2019 and 2018. A roast of EGN ASD submitted by Dragonfly Coffee holds an unprecedented score of 98 points at Coffee Review, the highest ever awarded in its 23 years of reviewing coffees. At the Geisha Natural Category at the 2020 BOP, 51 lots were submitted. Our Elida Geisha Natural ASD and our El Burro Geisha Natural ASD both placed in the top 10 (at 6th and 9th, respectively), demonstrating our commitment to continuity, reliability and consistency. The ultra-high-elevation ELIDA ESTATE Farm goes from 1700m to 2060m.

Part of it is located within the Volcán Barú National Park VBNP, a protected ecological reserve and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds and mammals. The farm has a total of 65ha of which 40ha are planted with Catuai, Geisha and a bit of Typica; the rest is private forest reserve or is inside the VBNP. The BOP-2020 EGN ASD, as in 2019 and 2018, came from LA TORRE LOT, a very special lot that meets all the requirements of one of the best Terroirs for Geisha in the world. Elida Estate is a 2X Best of Panama Awarded Natural Geisha, as well as Top Auction Price winner in 2018 & 2019. Two months prior to the auction, Best of Panama hosted a competition where it earned a score of 95.25/100. Our CEO and Roastmaster at Klatch Coffee, Mike, had the honor of being one of the 21 judges for the event, which drew coffee connoisseurs from all over the world. Additionally, Coffee Review awarded the Panama Elida Geisha Natural 97 points in 2019. This award-winning coffee is one of our favorites.

The coffees are produced under a unique climate, soil and location. The farm is located at a very high elevation (one of the highest coffee farms in Panamá)in between the Caribbean (35km to the north) and the Pacific (55km to the south). The coffee is grown in rich young volcanic soils at low temperatures. An abundance of fog and mist during the ripening season greatly draws out the process, allowing the exotic attributes of our Geisha to develop to its fullest potential. The coffee trees are surrounded by virgin rainforest populated by a great number of beneficial microorganisms: yeasts, bacteria, etc. Nights at the lowest edge of the coffee’s temperature tolerance allow the trees to produce for upwards of 6 ½ years (2-4 years longer than average), as well as extending the ripening time by a month, which is reflected in the development of the bean’s rich flavor profile.
All of these unique growing conditions show in a distinguished cup. More than half of The Lamastus Family’s Elida Estate is located in the Volcan Baru National Park, a protected ecological reserve and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds and mammals such as the tropical tiger. There are several local conditions that set this coffee apart. The farm is located at a high elevation of up to 1,825 meters, making it one of the two highest elevation coffee farms in Panama. The coffee trees are grown in rich, volcanic soil, surrounded by a cool, rainforest climate characterized by significant fog and mist, even during the dry season. The cool temperatures at night contribute to an extended ripening time that create a more developed coffee bean. Panama’s unique microclimate create the grounds for the Geisha variety, originally from Ethiopia, but whose specific quality was uncovered in Boquete, Panama. Our production partner is an expert at cultivating and bringing out the flavors that make this Elida Geisha truly one-of-a-kind.

The Lamastus Family Estates is a coffee company founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918 and the continued by his son Thatcher. The Lamastus Family Estates comprises three coffee plantations in the Panamanian Highlands. Elida Estate is the original farm founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918, El Burro Estate originally owned by Amado Boutet (Thatcher's father in-law), and Luito Geisha founded by Luito Lamastus in 2014 (Thatcher’s son). All the farms are located in, with very different terroirs, within the Panamanian highland territories. Each farm, because of its location, is very unique due to the microclimates and microorganisms surrounding each coffee plantation.