Camilina Natural Peaberry Geisha

berries - mango - mandarin orange

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Roasting 6/12

COUNTRY: Panama   REGION: Chiriqui   FARM: Finca La Aurora   FARMER: Roberto Brenes   ALTITUDE: 1675 - 1715 M   VARIETAL: Geisha   PROCESS: Natural   ROAST: Medium Light

This Peaberry Geisha exhibits a floral and jasmine-like aroma, a delicate acidity with bright shimmers of white wine and notes of berries, mango, papaya, mandarin oranges and green tea.

While traveling through Panama City Airport for a connection to Costa Rica, Mike Perry ran into Roberto Brenes, the Ironman himself who owns the Auromar Farm, home to Best of Panama 1st place 2013 Washed Geisha and 2016 Best of Panama 1st Place Natural Geisha. While talking at the airport Brenes asked me if Mike might be interested in a Natural Geisha Peaberry. Because they are round and smaller Brenes separates them from his long geisha that Mike usually purchases. Not being familiar with it, Roberto promised to send Mike some to try when he arrived home and it was waiting for me on my arrival and "WOW, it blew me away". Roberto promised to give Mike his Peaberry for 2016 (which is awesome) and we are roasting it on May 22nd, just in time for Memorial Day. "Order now as we only have a small amount!" - Mike


Auromar S.A. has been engaged in the production of high-end, rare quality SHB coffee since 2006. Presently the project is engaged almost exclusively in the farming of Geisha coffee and to a lesser extent in the production of high quality Tekisic Coffee.

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