Panama Altieri Natural ASD Geisha


Panama Altieri Natural ASD Geisha

Monday Roast - Roasting Nov. 2nd
peach - mixed berries - caramel

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This coffee is a MONDAY ROAST and it will next be roasted on Nov. 2nd
Please order by Sunday, 11:59 pm PST, to be placed on the roast queue to receive that week’s roast.  
Monday roasts are only roasted on Mondays.
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 REGION:  Boquete     FARM:  Finca Alto Lino     FARMERS:  Eugene Altieri
ALTITUDE:  1800 M     VARIETAL:   Geisha     PROCESS:  Natural ASD     ROAST:  Medium | Light


Panama Altieri Natural ASD Geisha clean processing and intense blue + black berry, peach stone fruits, grape juice that is clean and sweet. Body: medium to heavy body. Due to the anaerobic slow dry, the flavors are intensified and with every sip the complex flavors just explode creating a new experience.

Altieri Specialty Coffee is a family owned group of coffee growing farms from Boquete in Panama. Altieri Geisha are four-time prize winning Specialty Coffees in the annual Best of Panama coffee competition since 2014. The greatest extension of cultivation on the farm is Geisha coffee due to the great advantages that various micro-climates create on the same farm. This, together with a meticulous care of coffee traceability, ensures the best cup with a special and complex combination of many flavors.


Anaerobic Slow Dry Process (ASD PROCESS)

This particular lot from Altieri grew under the shadow at an altitude of 1800 masl on the slopes of the Baru Volcano. After harvest, the coffee cherries are placed in hermetic sealed tanks to undergo anaerobic fermentation with its own natural bacterias. They remain in these sealed tanks for 120 hours in order to guarantee the unique flavor and expression of the terruar. Moreover, the temperature and the humidity are closely monitored. After the specified time has elapsed, the coffee is placed in africans beds to dry for approximately 25 days. The drying process includes some time under shade and later under the sun. Finally, once it's dried, the coffee beans are placed in our warehouse to rest under controlled temperature and humidity.

These prize-winning coffees are grown next door to their neighbor Wilford Lamasus of Elida fame (who sold last years ASD Geisha for a World Record $1029 lb at auction) on the Eastern slope of the Baru Volcano, surrounded by the virgin cloud forests of the Baru National Park, at a height of between 1,700 and 2,200 meters above sea level, in an area known as Callejón Seco.


This area consists of volcanic soil, drained on the slope of the volcanic mountain, at an altitude where winds from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans collide creating microclimates different from the rest of the country.



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