Organic Peru Cajamarca Chirinos (FTO)


Organic Peru Cajamarca Chirinos (FTO)

date cookie - peach - grape leaf

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 REGION: Cajamarca     FARM: Santuario Cooperative    FARMER: Felipe Marín Mirez & Jacoba Guevara Morales
VARIETAL: Caturra | Bourbon     ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1740 M
PROCESS: Washed     ROAST: Medium



The aromatics from this Peru has a chocolate and fig Newton cookie like quality. When you taste this coffee, you will have cocoa flavor throughout and at mid-temp you will notice a peach flavor that cools to a lingering grape leaf aftertaste. This Peru offers a velvety body and hint of fruit throughout your drinking experience.


Born in 1998, Felipe Marin Mirez has been producing coffee for 6 years and a member of Santuario cooperative for 2 years. Like many coffee producers, he inherited land from his parents. Finca El Limon is situated in the community of La Palma. The entire 1.25 hectare land is filled with fruit trees including lemon, guava and banana. Felipe, who is just getting started with his career, has short term plans to improve the structure of the processing area. Every small improvement is one more step towards building his business of providing quality coffee to his customers. Jacoba Guevara Morales was born in 1962 in the coffee producing community of La Palma. Finca La Naranja is 14.50 hectares total with 5 hectares dedicated to producing coffee. Jacoba has plans to expand production next season and reconstruct his drying beds to handle the new volume. Quality is at the forefront of Jacoba’s mind. He wants nothing more than to be recognized internationally for quality.


Santuario Cooperative was founded by Gonzalo and Ismael Alacon Mirez in 2017, currently supporting an active membership of 360 smallholder producers. Working with a mission to help smallholder producers get the best possible prices for coffee through quality improvement, Santuario also offers technical field assistance, sending individuals with agricultural experience and training to offer advice on soil fertility, cultivation techniques, harvesting, and post-harvest practices in order to improve quality. In only two years, they’ve helped not only to improve quality, but to build community around coffee.



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