House Espresso


House Espresso

orange zest - cinnamon stick - semi-sweet chocolate

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 REGION:  Global     FARM:  Various     FARMER:  Various     VARIETAL:  Various

ALTITUDE:  Various     ROAST:  Medium|Dark

Espresso Extraction

Dose: 20 grams (double) Temperature: 201°F [94°C]
Time: 24-26 seconds Volume: 1.7-2.0 oz [48 - 57 g]


This rich, syrupy sweet chocolate espresso blend has been a competition winner, time and time again. In 2003 this five bean blend of renowned Indonesian and American coffees assisted in the win of Heather Perry's U.S. Barista Championship. Klatch House Espresso is the hallmark of semi-sweet chocolate, orange zest, cinnamon stick, and walnut with a full body and great with milk.