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Guatemala Concepcion Buena Vista

guava jam - elderflower - boysenberry

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 REGION:  Chimaltenango     FARM: Concepcion   FARMER: Bernardo Solano
VARIETAL: Bourbon     ALTITUDE:  1600 - 1980 M
PROCESS: Washed     ROAST:  Medium Light
The cleanest "Natural" you will ever have...because it's a wash!
With flavor notes of guava jam, elderflower and boysenberry.

Bernardo is the third generation in his family who has worked Finca Concepcion land with
coffee. He has also purchased more land to increase his production. His
background as an agronomist has helped him with agricultural management,
helping him in achieving great quality and consistency in his coffees year after
year. His son is now a well known Barista in Guatemala. He has his own café
so now he is adding the 5th generation to his family coffee business.

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