almond - cocoa - sugar cane

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Region: Quetzaltepeque          Altitude: 1400-1650M          Variety: Bourbon , Caturra
Process: Fully washed , sun dried          Farmer: ADISQUE families


Our newest organic coffee from Guatemala is here!

The ADISQUE has hints of almond and cocoa with a sugar cane sweetness, creamy body, and citrus acidity.

Founded in June 1995, the Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral Sostenible de Quezaltepque (ADISQUE) is located in the department of Chiquimula, in Quetzaltepeque, Guatemala. 

ADISQUE has 356 families producing Organic coffee over 520 hectares shade grown coffee. The family owned farms of ADISQUE work hard to fulfill their vision to generate welfare development, social and economic programs, and be sustainable focusing on ecological restoration in result of the increasing challenge of climate change. Their mission is to train and strength management, gender equality, and ensure food security for children.

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