Green-Unroasted Panama Esmeralda Bosque Washed Geisha


Green-Unroasted Panama Esmeralda Bosque Washed Geisha

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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REGION: Boquete     FARM:  Jaramillo     FARMERS:  Peterson Family
ALTITUDE: 1650 M     VARIETAL: Geisha     PROCESS: Washed



Bosque 42S Washed Geisha was both Daniel and Rachel Peterson’s favorite coffee of 2020, a washed geisha with a bold fruity body and a bomb of jasmine in the aromatics and cup. It was harvested and depulped on the same day, then fermented for 72 hours. Submitted to the Best of Panama 2020 Geisha Washed Category, it was disqualified by the national judges because of its complex fruity notes. So now we can offer this extraordinary coffee by direct trade in small quantities.

At Esmeralda the Peterson hand-pick the ripest, reddest cherries. Their careful attention ensures an elegant and complex cup, with notes of Jasmine, stone fruit and bergamot. Nurtured in the volcanic soils of Boquete and sprinkled with the mists of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, this is an exceptional Esmeralda Geisha.

To produce Bosque 42S, they use recycled water, sourced from the highlands near their mill. Proceeds from this coffee have gone to such programs as a school for their pickers’ children during harvest with hot meals; a supply of rice, beans, and sardines for all harvesters and their families while they live on the farm; and a bi-annual bonus of at least 30%.



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