Green-Unroasted Organic Timor-Leste Ermera Letefoho


Green-Unroasted Organic Timor-Leste Ermera Letefoho

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION:  Ducurai Village      FARM: Café Brisa Serena Unipessoal LDA Co-Op    FARMER: Café Brisa Serena Unipessoal LDA Co-Op       ALTITUDE: 1444 M     VARIETAL:  Typica | Timor Hybrid   PROCESS: Washed



Organic Timor-Leste Ermera Letefoho is sourced from 10 family-owned farms organized around Café Brisa Serena (CBS), which operates in in Letefoho sub-district of the Ermera municipality, Timor-Leste. CBS is a social enterprise founded in 2010 with an association of more than 400 small producers. CBS has organized producers to achieve organic certification and to establish best farm management practices. CBS has also provided quality control training with the help of international development aid and increasing premiums from specialty coffee. Producers have also been able to make improvements to processing infrastructure, including the addition of drying structures that have greatly improved their ability to consistently meet quality standards for moisture content and water activity.


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