Green-Unroasted Organic Mexico Chiapas Serrano


Green-Unroasted Organic Mexico Chiapas Serrano

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION: Chiapas     FARM: Productores Serranos de café de Motozintla     FARMER: Productores Serranos de café de Motozintla
VARIETAL: Bourbon | Caturra   ALTITUDE: 1500 - 1750 M     PROCESS: Washed




Organic Mexico Chiapas Serrano is from nearly 200 Productores Serranos de Café de Motozintla (Serranos) growers, spread throughout 22 communities in the southern end of the Sierra Madre mountain range in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. High elevations and an unwavering commitment to organic practices is the common bond among the Serranos group. Each producer processes coffee with their own micro-mill and dry the coffee in the sun on patios before transporting the coffee in parchment to a centrally located dry mill facility where the coffee is prepared for export. Most of the farms have less than 10 acres of coffee cultivation, which makes farm level production of organic inputs an achievable means of maintaining proper plant nutrition. These organic practices also provide a protective buffer for more than 800 plant species and 390 bird species that make their home in the El Triunfo biosphere reserve at 1750 meters above sea level.