Green-Unroasted Guatemala Atitlan Organic


Green-Unroasted Guatemala Atitlan Organic

meyer lemon - apricot - toffee

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Region: Atitlan, Chochajau     Altitude: 1,600 – 1,800     Varietal: Bourbon     Processing: Washed 

This balanced coffee has flavors of toffee and apricot, with Meyer lemon citrus.  

"Atitlán” from Nahuatl means "between waters” is a municipality in the department of Sololá
in the Republic of Guatemala. In this region, the coffee grows on the slopes of the volcanoes
that surround Lake Atitlán. Its economy is characterized by agriculture (coffee) and the production and sale of handicrafts. Across the lake from Panajachel, on an inlet between the volcanoes of Tolimán and San Pedro, lies Atitlán, with a strong indigenous identity. Women wear purple-striped skirts and huipiles embroidered with colored birds and flowers, while older men still wear lavender or maroon striped embroidered pants. The soils where this coffee is born are formed by materials from the volcanoes Atitlán, San Pedro, and Tolimán, which favors their growth and the perfect development of their qualities, also the artisan tradition of coffee growers in the region is highly developed, reflected in the cultivation and processing of grain. The high altitude translates into a low incidence of pests and diseases.
In each new harvest, new families of coffee growers are integrated, who continue the
tradition of harvesting the ripe cherry, because they know they can have better coffee, followed by a process of washing and fermentation in the evening because the climate that
forms between the volcanoes helps to a better fermentation. Over the years, the grower's group have worked to improve pruning techniques and learn to implement active composting practices, picking only ripe cherry and implementing quality control measures and standards. At the wet mill, patios have been repaired and increased to handle production growth. Ultimately all of the above is what helps produce this wonderful
and unique gourmet coffee.




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