Green-Unroasted Organic Ethiopia Natural Ardi Sidamo

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION:  Sidamo     FARM: 


ALTITUDE: 1800 M     VARIETAL:  Heirloom      PROCESS: Natural     ROAST: Medium-Light


This Natural Ethiopian offers hints of berries in aroma. The cup highlight flavors strawberry, dark berry and caramel, giving a refreshing and flavorful cup worth "Klatching" about! This specialty coffee got named after the discovery of "Ardi," a 4.4 million year old human fossil found in Ethiopia (referred to as the "missing link") the day prior to the findings of this high-quality coffee. This bean differs from other dry-process Ethiopian coffees because during harvesting only ripe cherries are selected and spread on raised beds the same day and are moved every two hours for at least 15 to 17 days to ensure uniform drying.


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