Green-Unroasted Kenya AB Muchoki


Green-Unroasted Kenya AB Muchoki

tree tomato - grapefruit - apricot

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REGION: Nyeri   VARIETAL: SL 28+Ruiru    FARM: Muchoki Estate   ALTITUDE: 1600M   FARMER: Family Managed   ROAST: Medium-Light   NOTES: Washed

This lively cup offers kumquat, a hint of cherry, and dried apricot in the cup. A classic Kenyan coffee; very complex and smooth, with a honey-like body.

This single estate coffee from Kenya grown in the central region of Nyeri is grown by a family managed farm on red volcanic soil, receiving the best crop 2011 Dormans Award. This coffee will be featured in the first ever Kenyan AeroPress Championship (KAC) in November of 2017.



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