Green-Unroasted Honduras Marcala Natural


Green-Unroasted Honduras Marcala Natural

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION: Marcala, La Paz     FARM: Smallholder Farmers   FARMER:  Smallholder Farmers
VARIETAL:  Catuai | Bourbon | Caturra    ALTITUDE: 1200 - 1500 M
PROCESS: Natural




Honduras Marcala Natural is a blend of Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra, Lempira, IHCAFE 90 varietals. We do think there is a bright future for breakout producers who are interested in committing to quality and in achieving that micro-lot status.


At higher-elevation farms in Marcala, good conditions, varieties, and practices all intersect - which produce higher acidic coffees with good structure and sweetness.


Established in 1970 (and privatized in 2000), the country’s Instituto Hondureño del Cafe (IHCAFE) has sought to improve the infrastructure that would encourage the development of higher-quality markets, as well as provide hardier varieties and technological advancements, especially to the many smallholder growers. The organization is also very involved in organizing and marketing the country’s Cup of Excellences competitions, which have brought a noteworthy increase in attention and credit given to the finest lots the producers here have to offer.