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Green-Unroasted Guatemala Antigua Hunapu

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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REGION:  Antigua     FARM:  Finca Hunapu     FARMER:  Don Robert Sanches Lazo
VARIETAL: Bourbon      ALTITUDE:  1500 - 1800 M     PROCESS:  Washed      
ROAST:  Medium



 This coffee is unroasted. You can roast it to your liking.

The Guatemala Antigua Hunapu is back and one of our favorite crops this year! 

What starts off with a light body, transitions into a velvety body. The acidity is closely related to lemon and lime. Right from the start it has aromas of lemon blossom floral and citrus. Flavor is most likened to green grape, with notes of nectarine and the velvety-ness of papaya. These flavor notes are based on our roasting and brewing processes. Your roasting and brewing preferences may have an impact on these flavors.

A verdant colonial region in central highlands of Guatemala, Antigua is nestled within three volcanoes. The Finca Hunapu coffee farm is an elegant treasure composed of dedicated farmers along with a vast knowledge and passion for coffee. Antigua is perfect for cultivating coffee, with ample rainfall, altitude above 4,900 feet and a constant humidity of 65% -- making Antigua coffees number one in Guatemala. 

Imagine a coffee that perfectly combines body, flavor, and aroma. Guatemala Antigua Hunapu coffee is internationally renowned for its unique characteristics: fragrance and lingering aroma, slight sweetness, clean and pleasant. 



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