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Green-Unroasted Colombia Hernando Micro Lot

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION: Hulia     FARM: Finca Las Brisas     FARMER: Hernando Barranca Medina & Oliva Torres Navarro  VARIETAL: Caturra      ALTITUDE: 1700 M


Colombia Hernando Micro Lot; with its sweet citrus and herbal tones, this Colombian coffee tastes like its from Ethiopia. As it starts, the coffee tastes like chamomile, then draws out a sweet lemon tone and ends with a sage note.  All with a creamy body.  You could say it is herbalicious.


Finca Las Brisas isn’t just the result of one producer, it is the result of a whole family, and a perfect example of how a family business should work. Oliva Torres, Hernando’s wife, is the one in charge of their coffee’s trace ability. She keeps track of all the lots, the processes that have been applied, the varieties, and of course, how much they were paid for their coffee.  This meticulous collection of information has helped Finca Las Brisas find out what works for them. This is of huge importance as coffee processing doesn’t have a fixed recipe, but through collecting and analysing their farm data, Oliva and Hernando have figured out what processes are best for their farm’s conditions. Oliva has just started learning about production processes and is always asking questions and for advice from other farms to improve what they do, year on year.


Their daughter, Franci, has continued with the coffee tradition that has been going for three generations. Hernando was in charge of teaching her how to plant and take care of the trees and Oliva was in charge of teaching her all about the post harvest processing of coffee. In fact, recently, Franci has started doing all the post-harvest process at her parent’s farm by herself.



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