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Green-Unroasted AAA Sidra

Unroasted Coffee Beans

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About the farmer:

Marco Morocho is by every definition a small-scale farmer. He expertly manages a 1 Hectare farm around 1300 meters with two high scoring varieties planted that put him on the radar for Ecuadorian specialty coffee. He's only 25 years old, but has spent his life immersed in coffee. Marco has had no issues the past two years with rust, and no issues whatsoever with Brocca. As a young farmer trying to make his mark in the industry, he understands that he can improve his farm in many ways. Luckily, he never stops learning or trying to improve.

Marco uses the basket floating method to remove unripe and overripe cherries post picking but prior to de-pulping. After de-pulping with a small-scale traditional pulper, all coffees are naturally fermented for 14 hours then washed. All drying is on raised solar beds.



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