Green-Unroasted FTO Uganda Bukonzo


Green-Unroasted FTO Uganda Bukonzo

Unroasted Coffee Beans

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REGION: Kasese   VARIETAL: Bourbon+Typica  ALTITUDE: 1400-2200 M   FARMER: BOCU Co-op  PROCESS: Washed


This coffee has flavors of nougat and notes of yellow bell pepper with a hint of cherry. It's juicy body and balanced cup is sure to make your day!

Bukonzo Organic Cooperative Union (BOCU) is located in the Rwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda. BOCU’s members occupy the same micro-climates and both groups use the very successful micro-washing station model to promote traceability and increased income at the farmer level. Additionally, BOCU was a pioneer in the region for production of Certified Organic Coffee, which makes up about half of their production.



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