Flavored Christmas Blend

amaretto - hazelnut - milk chocolate

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One of the most anticipated blends is finally available just in time for the Holidays. Our Flavored Christmas blend offers the sweet flavors of amaretto and hazelnuts infused with subtle notes of milk chocolate, giving a warm and enjoyable drinking experience.

*This is a flavored coffee and should not be ground through a regular grinder

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One of the best memories of Christmas

I was SO delighted to see this listed again this year. I am NOT a flavored coffee kind-of-guy. Truthfully I usually sneer at the stuff. BUT, this isn't the usual cheap, sprayed-on, artificial flavoring of most flavored coffees out there (OF COURSE it wouldn't be, it's Klatch after all!) When you open the bag you know A LOT OF CARE has gone into making this coffee. You can see the real almonds roasted alongside the coffee and all the rest of the magic. Last year I purchased and enjoyed two bags of this coffee over the holidays. I left half a bag at my sister's house and she made a point a few weeks later (in January) of calling up and begging me to find out how to find more of it. Sadly, it's seasonal. Happily, TIS THE SEASON! Enjoy this stuff.

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