Endless Sunset Blend

Ethiopia + Guatemala + Colombia

Endless Sunset Blend

green apple - strawberry - pluot

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 REGION: Eth. Shakiso + Guat. Jutiapa, Jalapa, SantaRosa + Col. Santander       FARM: Kayon Mountain Farm + Smallholder Farms + La Pradera Hacienda Cafetera      
Aredo & Family+ Smallholder Farms+Oscar Daza     
Heirloom + Catuai+Caturra+Pache+ Tabi    ALTITUDE: 1900 - 2000 M+ 1800-2100 M  + 1800 M   PROCESS: Natural + Honey   ROAST: Medium-Light

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Cool Summer beach breeze, sit back and relax enjoy an endless cup of coffee.


Blends bring out the best aspects of multiple coffees.  Here we have two natural processed coffees, and one honey process. In this cup of our summer blend there is a burst of green apple followed by sweet, sweet strawberry. Like the colors of the sunset, it has notes of pluot a complex hybrids of plum and apricot with a floral and candy-sweet flavor.