Costa Rica

Costa Rica El Mirador Yellow Honey

lime - almond - milk chocolate

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COUNTRY: Costa Rica   REGION: West Valley   FARM: El Mirador   FARMER: Olman Aguilera   ALTITUDE: 1660 M   VARIETAL: Villa Sarchí  PROCESS: Yellow Honey   ROAST LEVEL: Medium/Light

The Costa Rica El Mirador Yellow Honey has an initial lime and milk chocolate flavor with an almond creaminess.  This is a great creamy coffee to drink all day.

Born May 26th, 1963, Don Olman has lived all his life in Lourdes, Naranjo, married to Margot Chaves Aguilera, with whom raised 2 kids, Brayan Aguilera 17 years old and Kassandra Aguilera, both are 100% dedicated to the coffee farm. During Don Olman ́s childhood he lived on the farm with his dad, Pedro Aguilera Arias, who bought this farm after years of hard work and thanks to local banks that financed him. Around 59.3 ac which he and his 9 brothers developed into a very nice coffee family project.

Don Olman is a very humble person, whose goal in life is to be able to give his
kids a good life and raise them how he was raised.


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