Green-Unroasted Nicaragua La Bastilla Buena Vista Obata Washed

Green-Unroasted Nicaragua La Bastilla Buena Vista Obata Washed

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 REGION: Jinotega     FARM: La Bastilla Estate - Buena Vista     FARMER: La Bastilla Estate
VARIETAL:  Obatã     ALTITUDE: 1200-1300 M     PROCESS: Washed



Mike is excited to introduce our Obatã varietal, Obatã is a rarely seen varietal that has quite the lineage! It descends from Sarchimor and Mundo Novo. Sarchimor is a mix of Timor (which is actually a hybrid of two coffee species, Coffee Arabica and Coffea Canephora - also known as Robusta) and Villa Sarchi (a natural mutation of Bourbon). Mundo Novo is a hybrid of Bourbon and Typica.  


La Bastilla Estate pride there-selves to be one of the few (if not the only) specialty coffee estate companies in Nicaragua with a fully integrated supply chain segment at origin; meaning we plant, produce, harvest, process, classify and market/export all of our green coffee beans directly from the farm to their final destination all around the world. Therefore, we guarantee the quality and traceability of our products. The production of special, certified Rainforest Alliance coffee.


La Bastilla Estate are currently working on a coffee plantation renovation program, to expand the next five years. They are thrilled that both of our plantations have consistently been certified by Rainforest Alliance since 2003. The process of renewing part of our old plantations, replanting hybrid and good cupping varieties was started in 2017 and you will see the results in this years crop.


La Bastilla has developed an interesting matrix of micro-lot processing during the past 2 years, which have found good acceptance in the specialty coffee community worldwide. We harvest and process separately and from fully mature cherries coffee from 19 different sections of the farm, each from different live zones (i.e. altitude, sun exposure, soil conditions, tree coverage) expressing different cup profiles.