Colombia Purple Caturra Micro Lot


Colombia Purple Caturra Micro Lot

Monday Roast

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 REGION: Huila    FARM:  Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia Farm    FARMER:  Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia   VARIETAL: Caturra      ALTITUDE: 1650 M
PROCESS: Washed     ROAST: Medium | Light



This coffee is only ROASTED on Mondays. 

Please order by Sunday, 11:59 pm PST, to be placed on the roast queue to receive that week’s roast. Please note: Your entire order will be shipped together - as often this causes a delay if you order in advance. If you would not like your order shipped together, please order separately.


Try our New Arrival now, this micro-lot has a sweet molasses flavor, with a citrus limón and finishes off with grape.

This was the 6th year the Roasters United Competition was held, Rodrigo Sanchez who won 1st place with Purple Caturra. His Father was 2nd place winner for the competition. 

Huila farmers who entered coffee into the competition were classified as specialty grade and had their lots purchased.  Collectively, we agreed that the Roasters United VI was a great success and the best competition yet!


More info about Roasters United:

We are always looking for ways to find the best coffee possible while supporting farmers with sustainable prices that allow them to grow, harvest and process the best coffee they can. Klatch Coffee sponsors this coffee competition along with Jeff of Portola Coffee Lab and Chuck of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. For the winning mirco-lots, we awarded 3 million Colombia pesos in farm improvement grants. We also constructed a larger blender lot with coffee from other exceptional farms. We have committed to paying a well over fair trade price for the blend; meaning that we paid a good price for the green beans but additionally paid for all milling and exporting costs instead of the farmer.



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