Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha Natural


Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha Natural

raspberry - black tea - florality

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This coffee is a MONDAY ROAST and it will be ROASTED: October 21, 2019

Please order by Sunday, 11:59 pm PST, to be placed on the roast queue to receive that week’s roast.  Monday roasts are only roasted on Mondays. If your order contains other coffees, your entire order will be held to ship together once Monday roast has been roasted.


 REGION:  La Mesa Cundinamarca     FARM:  Finca La Maria     FARMERS:  Orlando & Maria Ospina
ALTITUDE:  1620 M     VARIETAL:   Geisha     PROCESS:  Natural     ROAST:  Medium | Light


Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha Natural won the 2019 Silver - Pour Over Filter in the Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition.

Highest Scoring Coffee at US Brewing Championships 2019

With flavor notes of raspberry, black tea and a floral quality throughout the cup. For the aftertaste, you will have lingering flavors of raspberry, sugar cane, and coffee blossom.

Our own Jenn Hwang used Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha in the U.S. Brewers Cup 2019, finishing 5th overall, making the finals, and received the highest score in both qualifying and finals. 

Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha was also used by Jenn in the U.S. Brewers Cup 2018, placing 4th. And it ranked number 2 in the "Cup of Excellence" 2017.


Ken Davids of Coffee Review in his 96 POINTS - Sept 2019 assessment describes our Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha Natural as:  "Intoxicatingly (though cleanly) fruit-toned. Raspberry coulis, halvah, plumeria, pink peppercorn, lemon verbena in aroma and cup. Richly sweet-tart structure with bright, high-toned acidity; delicate, silky smooth mouthfeel. The finish maintains the tart-sweetness of the cup, while intensifying its herby citrus."


Jenn said of the La Maria Geisha “Constant blooming requires constant work… Maria and Orlando Ospina and their team love what they do, and their labor of love produces amazing coffee… Together, the Ospinas and their team are not only growing coffee, they are growing a community… This coffee is a unique combination of weather, work and love…” 

And described the cup as “This coffee is so complex, here are flavors of what to expect throughout your drinking experience. For aroma, it has coffee blossom, blackberry, raspberry, and a hint of spice. Finca La Maria has flavor notes of coffee blossom, raspberry, black tea, apricot, nectarine, and a floral quality throughout the cup. For the aftertaste, you will have lingering flavors of raspberry, sugar cane, and coffee blossom. I will be highlighting certain flavors at certain stages from hot, warm to cold. First, the citrus acidities are changing throughout the temperature; you will have tart tangerine that will become a pink grapefruit finally transitions to a sweet Meyer lemon. This coffee has an amazing mouth-feel that changes throughout the drinking experience! The body will first start off silky, it will become creamy when it’s warm and then it will become juicy when cold. This is a coffee to remember!” 


Finca La Maria is from innovative farmers Orlando and Maria Ospina. With Orlando's background as an Agronomist of many years and Maria's entrepreneur drive, they decided to rent 3.5 hector plot of land to fulfill a dream of growing their own Natural Geisha coffee. Their passion project started 6 years ago taking a chance growing Natural Geisha coffee. Since they started their farm in 2015, their land has flourished and they now have 5,000 shrubs producing coffee. The unique microclimate of constant rainfall allows Maria and her team to meticulously pick two times a month year around. Given what they have achieved, we can expect to see much more from the Ospina's in coming years. 



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