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Colombia Alto Bonito Red Honey Espresso - Klatch Coffee Roasting


Colombia Alto Bonito Red Honey Espresso

bing cherry - orange - dark chocolate

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 REGION: Herrera, Tolima     FARM: Finca Alto Bonito     FARMER: Eduin Hernández     

ALTITUDE: 1750 M     VARIETAL: Caturra | Colombia      PROCESS: Red Honey     ROAST: Medium



Colombia Alto Bonito Red Honey Single Origin Espresso can be manipulated to your own pallet. When this single origin runs slow, you get more body and molasses. When it runs quicker, the bing cherry becomes tart and orange citrus becomes more pronounce. Experiment and discover yourself, what this espresso can do and taste for you.

Process: Red honey (semi-anerobic fermentation 10 hours, then in-pulp drying) Drying: 15 days in "marquesina" (mesh-floor parabolic tent)




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