Bolivia Cascara Blend


Bolivia Cascara Organic

lemon - orange - honey - tamarind

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REGION: Bolivia   NOTES: Made from the coffee cherry   SIZE: 4oz   BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Crush 9 grams Cascara, 2) Add 6oz of hot water, 3) Steep 4 min, 4) Adjust to taste

Our newest cascara tea from Bolivia offers sweet and bright flavors of lemon and orange along with subtle hints of honey and tamarind. You can enjoy this either hot or iced!

Cascara, also known as Sultana, is a traditional drink in Los Yungas of La Paz, Bolivia. Over time, it has expanded to the rest of the country because of its health attributes, delicious taste and low cost. Known as the coffee of the poor, Sultana is especially consumed on the western part of Bolivia. It is developed by small coffee producers as a way to get the most out of their crops.

The cascara is 100% organic certified.

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