Barista's Choice Espresso - Monthly Gift Subscription (6 months)

Barista's Choice Espresso - Monthly Gift Subscription (6 months)

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 Each of our espressos has the perfect balance of flavors. This Pre-Paid gift subscription will be a rotating selection of our favorite espresso offerings.


Give the gift of coffee! Pre-Paid Gift Subscriptions are a special coffee of the month selected by 2x US Barista Champion Heather PerryOne espresso coffee per month will be delivered.  You will be charged a one time price for this order, all of our subscription coffees come at a price break.


This Pre-Paid Gift Subscription will be a rotating coffee of the month. If you gift multiple shipments in the same month, it will be the same coffee of the month.



Pre-Paid Gift Subscriptions always come with FREE SHIPPING! (ground)


We are a roast to order company to ensure optimal quality, so please allow time after your order for roasting of coffees.

U.S. Shipping Only for Club/Gift Subscriptions

Prices and bag sizing subject to change without notice.