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An informal gathering for coffee and conversation, simply stated, is what Klatch Coffee is. For the past 23 years Klatch Coffee has been serving up award winning coffee with great conversation. Based in Los Angeles, this family business started out of a love for great coffee with one retail store and has evolved into a global wholesale roaster and retailer with its coffee featured daily on three continents.
Klatch coffees are born as a result of nurturing relationships with the farmers who grow the beans. It is our belief that the art of Klatch begins right where the seeds are planted. Green buyer and roast master Mike Perry painstakingly travels the globe to ensure that we have the best product from each harvest. Our commitment to honest business practices means we build trust and loyalty with the farmers we work with. All of this is accomplished through a Direct Trade model and a simple handshake. That's the way we do business.<br>After the beans are sourced, they make their way to our home in Southern California where the quest for only the best continues. Mike uses his degree in Chemical Engineering to achieve a balance of science and artistry we call “Peak of Flavor” roast style. Simply put, each individual coffee varietal is roasted to its unique peak flavor profile. The care we put into sourcing and roasting has been recognized through awards such as ‘Micro Roaster of the Year’, ‘Best Espresso in the World’ at the World Barista Championships (Tokyo WBC 2007), the #1 Coffee of the Year (Coffee Review 2014), America’s Best Espresso (CoffeeFest 2016). In addition, over 80% of our coffees cupped by Coffee Review have scored 90 points and above. Most recently awarded Overall Champion, 2015 and 2016 Golden Bean - The world’s largest roasting competition.
All of the intricate time we invest into sourcing and roasting our coffees would be in vain if we didn’t put the same care into our barista practices. ;Two-time United States Barista Champion Heather Perry and Two-time U.S. Brewers Cup Champion Todd Goldsworthy; use the same techniques that helped them win championships in training our staff and customers around the world. These practices have not only won many Championships, but helped Klatch win the title of ‘Americas Best Coffee House’.
So there it is: what began with a love of coffee still comes first everyday when we fire up the roaster and begin the whole process all over again. We remain a family-owned business with the desire to share our passion about relentless quality and commitment to specialty coffee. We do this by honoring the work of coffee farmers with those who not only appreciate, but demand, the very best. It isn't just the culture, the coffee, or the training in isolation that delivers results - it is the merging of all these elements working in concert to make up the art that is Klatch Coffee. We would love to share our passion, experience, and proven program to help your coffee business succeed.
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