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Date Course
January 2020
1/21 (Tues) SCA Brewing Foundations
1/22 (Wed) SCA Sensory Foundations
1/23 (Thurs) SCA Barista Foundations
1/24 (Fri) Latte Art
February 2020
2/4 (Tues) SCA Brewing Foundations
2/5-2/6 (Wed-Thurs) SCA Brewing Intermediate
2/11 (Tues) SCA Barista Foundations
March 2020
3/3 (Tues) SCA Brewing Foundations
3/4 (Wed) SCA Sensory Foundations
3/5 (Thurs) SCA Barista Foundations
3/6 (Fri) Latte Art
3/17-3/20 (Tues-Thurs) SCA Brewing Professional
3/24-3/26 (Tues-Thurs) SCA Barista Professional

Klatch Coffee Roastery & Training Lab is an SCA Certified Campus.
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Coffee Klatch, Coffee Klatch Roasting, Klatch Roasting or Klatch Coffee does not issue refunds on any products, (our coffee is roasted when ordered, because this is a food product we can not except returns of coffee); and/or services, including Barista Training; if any items and/or services are returned or canceled the amount of total cost shall receive store credit only.


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