Buying the top 1% in quality doesn't get you a perfect cup, but it's a start...

Since 1993, Klatch Coffee has been searching the world over for the finest coffee. Buying from only the top 1% of beans available.

"Value" coffee roasting companies use cheap, poor quality coffee, which results in inconsistencies in cup. Low quality beans produce a lackluster brew, with little flavor, no get the idea, not something you want to drink. Certainly not something  you enjoy. So, you have to add flavored creamer to create something you're able drink. You're not savoring a delectable cup of coffee, you're tasting creamer.

It is our belief that the art of Klatch begins right where the seeds are planted.

Green buyer and roast master Mike Perry painstakingly travels the globe to ensure that we have the first look at the finest results of each harvest. Through our Klatch Direct Trade program we have simplified the supply chain, improved quality and sustainability for farmers, and built long-term relationships, many of which are 10-15 years together. While we start with a quality cup, we also visit the farms bi-annually to see first hand if the farmer is committed to healthy environmental, social and economic practices for his farm, his workers and his community. And we support that farmer with a sustainable base price that exceeds the higher of the ‘C’ market or Fair Trade price by at least 25%, often paying double or triple those prices based on the cup quality.

The intricate time and care we invest into sourcing and roasting our coffees have not only won many Championships, but helped Klatch win the title of ‘Americas Best Coffee House.’ ​

By establishing long term relationships with the farmers who grow the beans,
​quality coffee is created.

​The Direct Trade Model was established to work with the farmer to achieve:

Quality Coffee | Social Responsibility

Healthy Environment   | Sustainability for all

We believe the farmer who grows an award-winning coffee is a true artisan and should be given his due. Recognition develops dedication to craftsmanship, skill for production and passion for quality. Our commitment to honest business practices means we build trust and loyalty with the farmers we work with. After the beans are sourced, they make their way to our home in Southern California where the quest for only the best continues.Each individual coffee varietal is roasted to its unique peak flavor profile.We honor the work of coffee farmers with those who not only appreciate, but demand, the very best.