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Looking for only the highest quality coffee? You've found it. Mike handpicks only the top 1% of quality coffee found throughout the world.

Direct partnerships

Supporting our coffee producers and their communities is integral to who we are. Many of our blend coffees are direct trade partnerships.


Our coffees are chock full of source data on the terroir and more. These details can help you pinpoint your preferences.

Our Journey to the 'Peak of Flavor'

What is "Peak of Flavor"?
What we call our signature 'Peak of Flavor' roast method refers to the roast profiles that Mike has honed for more than 27 years. Mike found that by not "over-roasting" the coffee he was able to retain more flavor. He was able to pinpoint the point at which the coffee flavor "peaked" - where it was just right. 

How are roasts developed?
A lot of experimentation. The process starts out with a set parameter (base) of roasting per varietal/origin that is equally compared to helps with the consistency of Klatch Coffee. This enables a sense of consistency of style across all of our offerings. From there, we change the roast one variable at a time. We document every variable change using "Cropster" - our roasting profile application. After each roast, we taste it. Then we roast again. This process continues until the roast is just right.

What roasters are used?
At Klatch we use both the Probat Roaster and Ikawa Pro Roaster.

What flavor profile are you targeting?
We seek to develop the bean for full sweetness, fruit notes, and ideal acidity levels. What works for us doesn't work for everyone. We will do multiple sample roasts to adjust by improving the sweetness and the profile curve to create caramelization. There are often widly varying coffee cupping experiences for the same coffee throughout the experimentation phase.

Adjustments are made for or based off of:

a. Flavor

b. Development time

c. Temperature

d. Weight loss

How do we come up with flavors?

The flavor notes listed on our coffee bags are our cupping notes. We have these listed on the bag to better help people to make purchasing decisions.

Using the SCA Coffee Flavor Wheel, our team identifies flavors that the coffee most closely resembles. These may be  fruits, vegetables, spices, floral, nuts, or others. The flavors we list on our bag are the top three chosen by our team, or as close to consensus as possible. Often they go in order from left to right, left being the flavor you taste first and right being the flavor that lingers or that you taste last. 

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SCA Coffee Flavor Wheel

Is it true that if you plant a coffee tree where previously there were trees/plants such citrus and berries grown, that it can influence the flavor notes of the coffee?

Coffee has many influences. Those include variety (bourbon, pacamara, geisha, etc.), then terroir (elevation, rain, soil, etc), picking, processing (washed, honey, natural, ASD, etc), drying (sun, patio, raised beds, shade), sorting, and of course roasting. Going back to the terroir is soil, the trees pull nutrients and flavors from the soil so if other fruits are planted near by or previous, that will affect the soil and also the flavor of the cherry.