Klatch Coffee Named
Top 25 Coffee Roasters in US
May 2021

For the second time in a row, Gear Patrol has named Klatch Coffee Roasting a top 25 Coffee Roaster in America

Top 25 Coffee Roaster in America...but why?

Family owned and operated doesn't mean anything unless it translates into superior quality. When people who are passionate and caring, who are invested in what they're doing commit to something - they're unstoppable. At Klatch, Heather and Mike Perry say they don't "have to" go to work, they "get to" go to work. 
That dedication starts at the sourcing. Mike speaks with and works with coffee producers throughout the world. Typically communicating through WhatsApp (due to travel restrictions), he's checking in on crop status, cupping results, auctions, and more. The producers can send him green coffee to sample before purchasing. To sample it, Mike and team roast it, and cup it - is it amazing? Is it outstanding? Does it "wow"? Mike's looking for it to score above 80, but typically 85 and higher. (100 being the world's best, most perfect coffee in the world).
Once purchased, the coffee arrives to our warehouse where it goes through quality control process to fine tune the roast. The "peak of flavor" roast method Mike has perfected means the coffee does not get over-roasted - this way the flavor stays intact. After several rounds of quality control and roasting modifications, the final roast method is perfected. Time to list for sale! We think our process and dedication to quality is what makes us the best roaster (not just one of the best) in the whole world.

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