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Frequently Asked Questions




Club & Gift Subscriptions 

Our Club & Gift Subscription will be a rotating coffee/espresso of the “month” selected by our Master Roaster from our specialty blends.

If you receive multiple shipments in the same month, it will be the “same coffee of the month.”



How does the Club Subscription work?

Club Subscription details:

1. Select your Club Subscription’s “Choice”

* Roaster’s Choice - Blend

* Barista’s Choice - Espresso

* Brewer’s Choice - Single Origin

2. Choose how many 12 oz. bags you'd like to have delivered with each order.

3. Choose the coffee delivery frequency from 1 week to every 4 weeks.

4. All coffee is roasted to order and shipped with selected frequency.


The Club Subscription will be a different coffee each month selected for you by our Roaster from one our specialty blends. If you receive multiple shipments in the same month, it will be the “same coffee of the month.”


All of our subscription coffees come at a price break.


To ensure optimal quality, we roast to order, so please allow a couple of days after placing your order for shipment.


FREE SHIPPING for Club Subscriptions to United States locations only.


What Are My Payment Options?

 Pay in full for a set number of bags or Pay as You Go for your subscription.


Is My Card Charged When Shipped or in Advance?

For the Pay as You Go Club Subscription, the card is charged when the order frequency ship date populates.


Going on Vacation for A Month?

No problem, your subscription can be suspended/reactivated at any time, send us a message to


What if I want to modify my subscription, either to change quantity or Choice or Frequency?

No problem, your subscription can be modified at any time, please provide your order number and email us at with what you would like.



How Does the Gift Subscription Work?

Gift Subscription details:

1. Select your Gift Subscription’s “Choice”

* Roaster’s Choice - Blend

* Barista’s Choice - Espresso

* Brewer’s Choice - Single Origin

2. Choose a delivery frequency for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

3. A 12 oz. bag will be roasted and delivered once a month.

4. The order is paid in full at the time the order is placed.


If they receive multiple shipments in the same month, it will be the “same coffee of the month.”


Will the person know it is a gift from me?

Yes, on their gift invoice it will have your name under the "Bill To" section.


Can I include a custom message?

Please provide your order number and email us at with what you would like. 


What if I or the person I gave the gift to is going on vacation and wants to skip a delivery or two?

No problem, please provide the order number and email us at





How Do We Ship?

Our shipping providers are the following: USPS and UPS. 

We offer a $6 Flat Rate Shipping via USPS within the United States only.

Free Shipping is offered with a minimum purchase of $50 before taxes, shipped by Ground only to U.S. address.

Club & Gift Subscriptions have Free Shipping (Ground Shipping, U.S. Only)


Do we ship Internationally?

Yes! International shipments are only available with USPS carrier.



Klatchaholic Rewards Program:

How Do I Participate?

Joining is easy! Just click the Create an Account button to get started. Once you're registered with our online-store, you'll have the opportunity to take part in all of the exciting ways we currently offer to earn points and redeem a discount!


How Can I Earn Points?

* Create Account - Earn 100 points

* Happy Birthday - Earn 100 points

* Referral Program - Earn 500 points

* Facebook Share - Earn 25 points


Does It Cost Anything to Begin Earning Points?

Absolutely not! Sign up is 100% Free! Make sure to visit the 'Earn Points' tab to get started and take part in our current opportunities. In addition, make sure to check back often, as we're adding great new ways for you to earn points all the time!


Do I Earn Points for Purchases?

Yes! You earn 5 points for every $1.00 you spend in our online-store.


What Can I Redeem My Points For?

Glad you asked! We want to make it easy and fun to redeem your hard-earned points. Just visit the 'Get Rewards' tab to view all of our exciting reward options. You can only redeem your points in our online-store.


How Do I Redeem My Points?

Exchanging your points for great rewards couldn't be easier! Simply visit the ‘Earn Points' tab to view all of our great reward options and click the 'Redeem' button to redeem your reward. *

*Only ONE promo code can be used per order. Redeemed point Promo Codes cannot be combined with other Promo Codes from Social Media or Newsletter.


How Do I Check My Points Balance?

Your up-to-date points balance is always displayed in the top of this popup.


Do I Have to Enroll or Register for Individual Promotions?

Once you register for an account, you're all set – we don't require you to register for individual promotions in order to be eligible. Just fulfill the requirements of a promotion, and we'll post the points to your account immediately!


How Long Will It Take for Points to Post to My Account?

You should receive points in your account instantly once you complete a promotion! 


Do My Points Expire?

Nope! Your points will never expire. Nor does your code redeemed expire. An email is sent with code of redeemed points.


What Happens to My Points if I Make A Return?

When you return an item, you lose the associated credit you originally

earned by buying the item in the first place.


How Do I Contact Support if I Have Questions About My Points?

 Our team is ready and waiting to answer your questions about our rewards program! Just send us an email: we'll get back to you within 2 business days.


I’m Very Close to Earning A Reward. Can I Buy Extra Points to Get There?

 Not at this time.


What if I Don’t Want to Receive Promotional Emails?

From time to time, you'll receive program-related emails from us. If you'd prefer to not receive those types of emails anymore, just click the 'Unsubscribe' button when you receive your next email.



How Are Discount Applied?

All discount codes have to entered before checkout.

On the "Customer information" page, it is located below your selected items for purchase.

Look for the following: "E-gift card and discount code (1 per order.)"

Insert your code and hit "Apply".


Can Codes be Combined?

Only ONE discount code may be used in a single transaction. This includes redeemed rewards point codes, emailed codes and Newsletter codes/social media. Discount codes cannot be combined when using My Points.


Klatchaholic Reward Program vs Klatch Coffee App:

Online-store Klatchaholic Rewards Program points may not be combined with the Klatch Coffee App. Online-store discounts, sales, and specials DO NOT apply to in-store purchases.


How Can I Apply A Discount Code After Purchase?



Can I use Klatch Coffee App for online purchases?

The Klatch Coffee App is only for in-store purchases at select retail locations.


Payment Options:

We accept only VISA, Mastercard and Paypal.



Recurring Orders:

Do I Get a Discount for Recurring Orders?

Yes! You receive a price break by increasing the frequency of your recurring order. There is a 5% discount for recurring order shipments every 3 or 4 weeks. There is a 10% discount for recurring order shipments every 1 – 2 weeks. This is added automatically in the shopping cart.


Do I Get Free Shipping with my Recurring order?

We do offer Free Shipping when you reach the $50 minimum order before taxes.


Any Other Questions?

Please email with any questions.




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