It's A Family Affair

Done with the hard working life and ready to move on to the next chapter, it began as almost a necessity until Mike was done with school. Little did they know what an empire they would have created!

With Cindy by his side working on the business logistics, they raised their 2 girls and learned to make coffee. And SO much more!

Starting with running a cafe that created the experience they loved. Doing all the legwork to learn how and what roasting was. Realizing they needed to start at the beginning and create relationships with the farmers to produce top quality coffee. All trickled back into the cafe experience, with nothing but fresh ingredients and high standards. Brings us full circle back to where we are now. Where only the best will do, in all aspects of running this business.

From thinking, 'Hey, we like coffee, let's give that a go', to creating newsworthy, award winning, record breaking coffee, and a slew of cafes that are a bit of a cult culture locally, it turned into a passion.

Now winning awards for roasting, training + talent, opening new shops throughout the area (and beyond), not to mention shipping great coffee globally, this family has it's sights set high to continue to break new ground and remain at the top of the coffee game. Stay tuned to see what they have in store for the future!

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