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Expected in January - NEW Coffees include:


Colombia El Paraiso Auction Lot  |  jasmine - strawberry - mint
Coffee producer Diego is proud to produce this crop as it was a top winner in the Colombia Land of Diversity Auction. His coffee was just one of 1,610 that participated in 4 grueling cupping rounds. Judged by 57 judges from around the world, it was judged based on balance, acidity, body, softness and exoticness. Our very own greenbuyer/roastmaster, Mike Perry, was one of the lucky judges who participated. He recalls Diego's coffee and marked it as a standout which he would consider bringing to market. When the opportunity came, he jumped!

Ethiopia Wush Wush  |  lychee - passionfruit - dark chocolate
This coffee has a award-winning history - with last year's lot scoring 96 from Coffee Review and winning top 10 coffee of the year. The 310 different farms do intensive cherry selection based on ripeness and sugar content, better known as the "wush wush" process. The cherry is placed onto African beds for sorting and removal of unripe, overripe, foreign matter, and leaves. Afterward it's placed in bags in cold, dry open areas for 110 hours. Fermented cherries proceed to sit on African drying beds for 12-15 days.

Guatemala Bella Carmona  |  milk chocolate - lemon lime - orange

From notes of milk chocolate, to a lemon/lime citrus acidity, in cup you may also notice orange and a hint of bergamot. Guatemala Genuine Antigua Bella Carmona comes from one of Guatemala’s most beautiful and captivating valleys, Antigua. The region’s rich volcanic soil and cool weather provide the perfect conditions for producing some of the world’s most prized coffees.




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