Did you know?
Klatch offers
2 and 5 pound bags

Only top 1% of quality

Looking for only the highest quality coffee? You've found it. Mike handpicks only the top 1% of quality coffee found throughout the world.

Direct partnerships

Supporting our coffee producers and their communities is integral to who we are. Many of our blend coffees are direct trade partnerships.


Our coffees are chock full of source data on the terroir and more. These details can help you pinpoint your preferences.

Buy in Bulk AND Save!

Buying in bulk means you get a huge price break! PLUS!
Free shipping with any purchase over $50*!

'Recurring delivery you  get more of  a price break! PLUS!
Free Shipping with a purchase of $50*!

To buy in bulk,
simply click the drop-down menu under 'Size'
and select 2 LB or 5 LB bags.

Our 2 LB and 5 LB bags have a one-way valve to ensure freshness.
We recommend storing your coffee in our bags, closed and stored in a dark, dry cupboard.

Storing Methods


Why 'Roast To Order'?