Kenya Thunguri AA


Kenya Thunguri AA

tamarind candy - sun sugar tomato - nectarine

New/Monday Roast

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 REGION:  Kirinyaga     FARM:  Kibirigwi  Farmers   FARMER:  Kibirigwi Co-Op

VARIETAL: SL28      ALTITUDE: 2500 M     PROCESS: Washed     ROAST: Medium | Light



This coffee is only ROASTED on Mondays. 

Please order by Sunday, 11:59 pm PST, to be placed on the roast queue to receive that week’s roast. Please note: Your entire order will be shipped together - as often this causes a delay if you order in advance. If you would not like your order shipped together, please order separately. 



Farmers in Kibirigwi planted their first coffee trees in 1953. Since then, the region is perfect for developing the flavours we’ve come to expect from Kenya. Current total membership of the cooperative is 6,888 active members out of which 4,861 are female and 2,027 are male. The Co-operative Society has 8 wet mills namely Ragati, Ngugu-ini, Mukangu,Kiangai, Kibingoti, Thunguri, Kianjege and Chema. The Coop is located within Kiine location, Ndia division, Kirinyaga West Sub-County on the Southern slopes of Mount Kenya. Farmers selectively hand pick red ripe cherries that are delivered for wet milling on the same day. The parchment is then fermented, washed and sun dried. Dry parchment is milled and bagged at Sangana coffee mills and then transported to the dry mill warehouses.



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