Ethiopia Washed Guji Anasora


Ethiopia Washed Guji Anasora

lemongrass - nectarine - blackberry

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  REGION:  Guji     FARM: 340 Farms around Anasora Mill     FARMER:   340 Farms     ALTITUDE: 2250 M     VARIETAL:  Heirloom      PROCESS: Washed     ROAST:  Medium | Light



A true classic Washed Ethiopian. “Wow! Awesome! Yummy!” were the words that filled our cupping notes sheet. The best washed Ethiopian I (Mike) have had in years. A sweet floral lemongrass herb-like dry fragrance followed by an intense “Wow!” break. The cup featured a roller coaster of flavors from lemon, orange, and bergamot to blackberry, nectarine and apricot with magnolia, sugarcane and lychee as well. So delicious. So complex. So balanced. A cup to sit and enjoy.


Anasora coffee is a young coffee plantation that produces specialty coffee in the mountains of Anasora, and It is home to the famous Ethiopian Guji exceptional coffee producing area. At Guji, they pride themself in achieving the highest standards of sustainable and excellent coffee production. The area starts production under a forest belt, which is protected by the government and social protector. The farmers surrounding the Anasora have a plan for outgrowing schemes with the objective of eco-friendly production and socially responsible by assisting them to ensure quality production and good financial status.


The whole Anasora area is a young coffee production area from Ethiopia with the highest altitude and super beautiful quality sourcing area. Kerchanshe has a strong base in Anasora and working with farmers to improve quality and to ensure their finances has to be improved.



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