Community Blend


Community Blend

cocoa - bergamot - toffee

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 REGION: Honduras & Colombia     FARM: Various   FARMER: Various
VARIETAL:  Various    ALTITUDE: Various
PROCESS:   Various     ROAST: Medium | Light



RAISING MONEY for our local Community while featuring coffee beans from co-ops and small family farms in our coffee Community. 10% of all proceeds from the sale of our Community Blend will be donated to the Foothill Family Shelter, a local organization near our Rancho Cucamonga roastery.

Community Blend brings together the best coffee from farmers in Colombia and Honduras.

In the cup, while the predominate flavors of cocoa, bergamot and toffee are present. But you can also notice chocolate from the Honduras and a bit of dried fruit more raisin from our Colombia roasters United Blend. 

Colombia farms include those of our Roasters United Competition Blend and our Colombia Coffee for Peace. Honduras farms include those of the Honduras Co-Op called COMSA. Read more on these three groups below:
Foothill Family Shelter Founded in 1984, the shelter houses homeless adults and children for a period of up to 120 days, free of rent and utility charges while also providing one-year transitional housing and extended housing. The non-profit organization supports the communities of Upland, Ontario, Montclair, Pomona, Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga in California.
Colombia Roasters United Blend Klatch Coffee sponsors this coffee competition along with fellow roaster Jeff Duggan of Portola Coffee Lab and Chuck Patton of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. The goal is to support farmers with sustainable prices that allow them to grow, harvest and process the best coffee they can. We have committed to paying well over the Fair Trade price for the beans, meaning that we pay a premium price directly to the farmer for the green beans. Additionally, we pay for the milling and export costs instead of the farmer.
Colombia Coffee For Peace Coffee for Peace in Colombia is an alliance of coffee farmers and market allies created to develop, facilitate and promote the trade of traceable coffees from historic conflict zones in Colombia. Colombia is in the middle of a historic peace process, after fifty plus years of conflict. The success of this monumental task rests not only on the political will of the government of Colombia and former rebels, but also on the willingness of the international community to support Colombia economically during this transition. For the thousands of farmers who live in post-conflict regions of Colombia, this is an opportunity to leave behind the violence of the past, where production of illicit crops was the norm, and embrace a peaceful future through the production of specialty coffee. The Coffee for Peace in Colombia initiative is seeking to make specialty coffee a key component in the transition to peace. Through targeted technical training to improve coffee quality, as well as market linkages, thousands of coffee farmers are tapping into specialty markets, thereby increasing their incomes and helping to sustain the fragile peace process. Coffee has been a faithful companion of Colombia for more than 350 years. Today it continues to support the construction of a new future for the coffee farmers.
COMSA Based in Marcala, Honduras, COMSA is dedicated to educating more than 1,500 producer-members to successfully live in harmony with nature. This takes place through week- long seminars called Pata de Chucho (pawprints left by a stray dog), which aptly reveals COMSA’s dogged exploration for human productivity in harmony with nature. COMSA dedicates significant funding from the proceeds of coffee sales to run a cutting-edge international school dedicated to filling children’s minds with possibility and training them to be the future leaders of Finca Humana. What makes it so good? Meticulous post-harvest hand sorting of cherry; cherry floating to remove less dense beans; proper fermentation; long drying times; and a healthy dose of the COMSA philosophy and training.


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