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Private Roaster Training

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Looking to learn how to roast, improve your skills, or build a quality brand? Let "Roaster of the Year" Mike Perry teach you his secrets to success, including:

  • Cupping and Evaluation Per SCA Guidelines

  • Sourcing, Green Buying and Inventory Control

  • Training of Roasting Theory

  • Hands-on Roasting

  • Profile Roasting: Theory and Practice

  • Pre vs Post Roast Blending

  • Roasting for Espresso

  • How to Make the Sum Better than the Parts


Now taking reservations at our Roastery and Training Lab in Rancho Cucamonga. An email will be sent after the purchase to coordinate the dates with our Roast Master, Mike Perry .

All classes are non-refundable.

We love our students and value their opinions! See what people are saying about our Private Roaster Training:

"Mike will teach you hands on more valuable skills than you could ever read in a book. I will miss being here. I felt like I was temporarily adopted into the Klatch family"
- Ryan Clay


"Mike's unselfish approach to training is a great benefit to anyone entering or already in the business. His knowledge of both the Roasting + Retail business is invaluable. Most importantly he has a genuine interest in helping you succeed!"
- Bart Frabotta


"Getting to learn how to roast and taste the subtle nuances in the different timed roasts. I also learned the effects of time, temp, and how it can affect the chemistry. Overall, it's an incredible environment to learn and not feel intimidated."
- Khanh Trang


"I was looking for the right one-on-one training opportunity and Mike Perry from Klatch Coffee delivered. In three days, not only have my roasting skills improved, but Mike has taught me what I need to do in the lab to continue to improve."
- Mike Ayars


"A year's hard work plus making mistakes prevented by 2 days of training with Mike!"
- Janet San 


"He caters the training to your needs, asks you questions and adapts a training plan for your unique situation. I really appreciate the full attention and interest in my roasting and business. I can't describe how much I appreciate Mike's honesty and willingness to share winning formulas for success."
- John Jacobson


Customer Reviews

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I can only say Thank You-!

I’m so thankful for meeting great peoples in my life during roasting classes. You will see how hard they work! You will be learned what is the Coffee roasting and how easy to improve your skill with Mike! You will be appreciated that your choice was excellent throughout every single moment during class!
You will see how high you improve your roasting skill than you were!
I hope Mike get more succeed in his business. I appreciate all Klatch family-!!

Fabulous and dedicated!

This was a hands-on, apprentice type experience, with a very real world training environment. Well planned and diverse experience to offer to trainees in one place. Experiment, document, taste, and replicate! - The best lessons learned since I've been in the coffee business. Klatch has a fabulous and dedicated focus team. They were very supportive and I felt as I was part of the team. I highly encourage this training to anyone who is in the coffee business.

tremendous amount of knowledge

We've all heard the saying "Those who can't do, teach", however that is simply not the case of Mike. Not only does he have multiple success in business (retail, wholesale & training), but he also has a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, most importantly & willingness to share/teach. IAH I would rather you not use this as I would like to keep Mike my personal secret weapon/coffee guru.

Klatch Coffee Makes Your Day Wonderful

Mike is the greatest instructor showing you how to cup and roast coffee.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend learning how to roast coffee from Mike and the Barista training from Heather. There is a reason why they have won so many awards.



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