Colombia Nariño Yacuaquer


Colombia Nariño Yacuaquer

clementine - cantaloupe - semi-sweet chocolate

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 REGION: Yacuaqer, Nariño   FARM:  Small Farm Co-Op    FARMER:  Small Farm Co-Op   VARIETAL: Caturra | Castillo      ALTITUDE: 1800-2100 M
PROCESS: Washed     ROAST: Medium | Light


 The Colombia Nariño Yacuaquer has a tropical aroma with cupping flavor notes of citrus clementine, sweet cantaloupe and semi-sweet chocolate, with a medium body and clean finish.


Colombia Nariño Yacuaquer Wash Process:  Fermentation Time 20 – 30 HOURS and Drying Time 12 - 15 DAYS.


Located in the central Andean mountain range, Yacuanquer’s predominant landscape is mountainous with only 10% of the territory being flat. This dramatic topography creates diverse micro-climates ranging from warmer (23°C) and cooler (18°C) temperatures to páramo climates (Andean, 10°C). The Galeras volcano contributes to the territory’s natural richness as it nourishes the soil and makes it ideal for agricultural production. Traditionally, the main crops of the area were beans and corn. During the last decade, however, farmers of the region decided to replace their traditional crops with coffee, taking advantage of a bigger market and better prices. Currently, nearly 95% of Yacuanquer farmers have increased their income due to coffee cultivation. Gradually, the production of coffee in the area has increased from 50 thousand kilos in 2013 to 350 thousand kilos in 2016, benefitting hundreds of families in the process. Coffee growers of this area own small fincas, usually no larger than 4 hectares. This small-scale production allows producers to have greater control of their crops and the post-harvest processes. The ability to control every step of the process, combined with the favorable environmental factors of the region (altitude, volcanic soil, variety of climates and young coffee trees) have had a tremendous effect on the quality of Yacuanquer’s production. All these factors come together to give this region an immense potential for producing special coffees.