Golden Bean Espresso V4


Golden Bean Espresso V4

Experimental Blend

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 REGION: Gedeb + Cerro El Tigre    FARM: Chelbiesa Village + Finca Las Mercedes      
Gedeb Sakarao Washing Station + Lucia Abregado De Ortiz    
Kumie Diga Wilsho + Pacamara    ALTITUDE: 1999 M + 1560 M     PROCESS: Natural Anaerobic Yeast + Honey    ROAST: Medium



 Try Version 4 Now!! 
Help create our 'Experimental Blend' 
Another year, another Golden Bean Espresso! 

Heather and little Peary kicked off the first of 4 straight Golden Beans, the largest global roasters competition, and now this year, Holly has our newest Klatch baby and all of you, our Klatch Family, get to help create a new blend.


Every few weeks we modify and experiment based on your feedback to create the winning Golden Bean Espresso, we have four of them. Our newest Version 4 has stone fruit flavors of apricot and cherry, with brown sugar & spices. Version 3 has flavors more fruity & bright than Version 2 of tart green apple & caramel and Version 1 flavors of strawberry. So our fourth version is based on your feedback and features our newest blended with our Ethiopia Worka Natural Anaerobic Yeast from the Gedeb Sakarao Washing Station and El Salvador Pacamara Honey from Lucia Ortiz of Las Mercedes.

This Golden Bean Espresso starts with a tart cherry, moves into juicy fruity apricot, and finishes with the sweetness of brown sugar and spices. 

Help create a new blend, send feedback to:, please provide us your roast date on the bag.

Your feedback of roast lighter or darker; flavor of less fruit or more acid, etc.

So have fun and send your feedback, thank you! 



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