Rwanda Natural Fair Trade Dukunde Kawa Musasa


Rwanda Natural Fair Trade Dukunde Kawa Musasa

blackberry - passion fruit - guava

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  REGION:  Central Rwanda     FARM: Dukunde Kawa Musasa     FARMER:   Dukunde Kawa Cooperative     ALTITUDE: 1800 – 2100 M     
VARIETAL:  Bourbon      PROCESS: Natural     ROAST:  Medium | Light


Cupping notes of blackberry, passion fruit, and guava. Creamy chocolate body with lime acidity, plus added flavors of strawberries and cream. 


Founded in 2000, The Dukunde Kawa Cooperative (Musasa) cultivates high quality coffee in the soil located between 1800 - 2200 m of altitude, just near the mountain gorilla habitat in central Rwanda. Fair Trade Certified since 2004, the cooperative ensures maximum benefits to local families. Currently Dukundekawa (Musasa Coffee) accounts for 1,176 coffee farmers which make it capable of producing up to 12 containers of green coffee per year. 80% of farmers are women. The cooperative owns 4 dry mills (Ruli, Mbilima, Nkara and Musambira) all covering more than 392ha of arable land. The co-op was born thanks to the USAID SPREAD project, funded by the United States government in concert with Texas A&M University.

The famous Musasa coffee washing station is one of Dr. Schilling’s legacies as it made way for the success and development of the specialty coffee industry in Rwanda. Located in Gakenke district/ Ruli sector/ Jango cell in Gatagara village, it began in 2004 serving 300 cooperative pioneer members. It is now the biggest station among 4 coffee washing stations owned by the cooperative. The station itself sits on top of a large hill, overlooking an overlapping network of valleys and other, equally impressive hills, just 70km from the Kigali capital of Rwanda. By this season, the cherries produced by over 836 farmers mostly small scale growers are certified with the Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ and C.A.F.E. Practices certifications. The harvesting months are March to October with production of about 4 containers of exportable green coffee. Farmers only deliver ripened cherries to site collection centers, bringing the cherries either by truck, bicycles or by head and sometimes travelling up to 8 hours.

The cherries are pre-cleaned and sorted by density by a Pinhalense machine that is named the ‘Umupolisi’ (police person). During this process lighter cherries are removed. Then they are set to dry on raised beds for 45 - 60 days.

Coffee lots are cupped by Dukunde Kawa coffee cupper along with the Q-graders of our exporting partner, RWASHOSCCO prior to export to ensure consistency with customer preferences.

MUSASA literally means a “place to make a bed”, resonating the hospitality attitude for people of Musasa hill. Musasa hill was once the home of Famous King Mibambwe III SENTABYO in the late years of 1741-1746. They believed they would inherit bravery and generosity from that monarchy, and the farmers of Musasa region kept the passion for growing the best coffee products that is why we say that Musasa coffee is “Blessed by the Kings”.