Ethiopia Wush Wush


Ethiopia Wush Wush

Monday Roast
perfumy - framboise - cocoa nib

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*Monday roast. If your order contains other coffees, your entire order will be held to ship together once it has been roasted.


 REGION: Guji     FARM: 310 Farms around Anasora Mill     FARMER:   310 Farms

ALTITUDE: 1950-2150 M     VARIETAL: Wush Wush       PROCESS: Natural     ROAST: Medium-Light

This coffee is so crazy with so many different flavors amongst different cuppers. From Floral to Perfume, Grape to Framboise (raspberry), Cocoa Nibs to Dark Chocolate and chocolate malt, watermelon and berry plus passionfruit and lychee all thrown in. Try it and tell us your flavor notes. 

This coffee has an award-winning history - with last year's lot scoring 96 from Coffee Review and winning top 10 coffee of the year.

The 310 different farms do intensive cherry selection based on ripeness and sugar content process. The cherry is placed onto African beds for sorting and removal of unripe, overripe, foreign matter, and leaves. Afterward it's placed in bags in cold, dry open areas for 110 hours. Fermented cherries proceed to sit on African drying beds for 12-15 days.

Ana Sora washing station is owned by Isreal Degefa, it is one of the highest elevations in Guji. Mr. Isreal owns more than 35 washing stations in the country. The washing station has the highest standards of sustainable quality and excellent touch coffee production. The area covered by organic coffee and starts production under a forest belt, which is protected by the government and social protector. Together, the washing station and farms have the objective of an eco-friendly production and socially responsibility thereby helping to ensure quality production and good financial status.



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