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Panama Mama Cata Lot # 57 Geisha Washed - Klatch Coffee Roasting


Panama Mama Cata Lot # 57 Geisha Washed

chocolate - lime - sweet

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This coffee will be ROASTED on Monday (05/27/2019)

Please order by Sunday, 11:59 pm PST, to be placed on the roast queue to receive that week’s roast. 

 REGION:  Boquete     FARM:  El Velo     FARMERS:  Jose David Garrido Perez
ALTITUDE:  1625 - 1700 M     VARIETAL:  Geisha     PROCESS:  Washed     ROAST:  Medium | Light

This Geisha exhibits an aroma of sweetness and citrus. Flavors of chocolate, a nice bright citrus-lime with a sweet fruit note.

The Mama Cata Lot #57 Geisha is fully Washed and from El Velo Plot.  Placed in new sacs with plastic bag Humidity/Temp protection.


This is the second year we are offering coffee from the Mama Cata Estate in Panama and we are excited to have it back. The farm was established in 1997 by Jose David Garrido Perez who revamped the farms technology and made it the success that it is today. Before being purchased by Mr. Garrido it was owned by the Fisher family, including Catalina Fisher from whom the farm name was derived, where they focused on traditional coffee varietals such as Typica. For many years the washed Typica from Mama Cata scored very well in the Best of Panama competition, winning the traditional category three times and today continues to rank highly in competition in a variety of categories.


While we are used to seeing Geisha showcased on its own, this lot is a blend of Typica and Geisha. The quality of this blend has been refined over the years with the modernization of the estate. The way that they identify lots at the estate is by GPS coordinates, a unique identification system compared to most surrounding estates. This allows the family to study information such as variety, soil composition, and production of each coffee tree in a given lot, which in turn enables them to effectively tailor each lot to produce the best quality and output of coffee possible. There is a major focus on harvesting only the ripest coffee cherries and the pickers are educated on proper ripeness rather than just picking all of the cherries from a given tree. Moreover, the patio drying of coffee is done according to weather patterns that are monitored by high-tech weather stations located at the wet mill.


This Geisha:  Sun Dried in African Bed to a 10.3% - 10.4% precision.  Anaerobic Fermentation...with No water cooling. Altitude: 1,625~1700 M. Process: Picked in Mama Cata by a special group of geisha harvesters paid by the day not by the lot.  The coffee then was taken into a 1st hand selection in African beds in the farm before was taken to the mill. Is important to notice that... The maturing of these coffee was taken into consideration before the harvest.  It is between grape and burgundy red color. Top sugar as possible. Then taken to the Mill were we floated it in cherry, and walked it though a water density channel to take out the least heaviest coffees.  Then selected again in cherry in African beds in the shade, then pulped it.  The fermentation was done in sacs.  Without water... In the shade.  Then washed only once when ready.  Then was taken to float for a 2nd time in the water channel then taken to the African beds in the shade again to reselect in parchment while it still is wet (there are some green, mechanical damage, grey, overripe, red; fermented, and white coffees taken out there if any), then immediately to the African beds in the sun. 



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