Guatemala Las Flores Natural


Guatemala Las Flores Natural

honeysuckle - cranberry - raspberry

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 REGION:  Jutiapa, Jalapa, Santa Rosa     FARM: Smallholder farms   FARMER: Smallholder farms
VARIETAL: Catuai, Caturra, Pache     ALTITUDE:   1800-2100 M
PROCESS: Natural     ROAST:  Medium



Honeysuckle, cranberry, raspberry.  Floral honeysuckle, caramel body, berry flavor notes of cranberry and raspberry.  You will think you are in Ethiopia.


Sourced from 400 family owned farms, as part of a collaborate with Unitrade Coffee. This export company is dedicated to supporting coffee producers' access to international markets. The partnership has helped to improve coffee quality, in turn improving producers' livelihoods and earnings. Additionally, Unitrade reinvests in education and healthcare through their Coffee Care projects.


Located on volcanic loam soil, the regions of Jutaipa, Jalapa, and Santa Rosa provide optimal conditions for coffee growing. After harvest, the coffee is dried both in the sun and using mechanical driers.