Single Serve 2 Pack + Camper Set

Single Serve 2 Pack + Camper Set

Contactless coffee. Just Add Water.

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2 Single-Serve bags + Camper Mug // $16

Take your favorite coffee on the go with our new adventure-ready, Single-serve Coffee packs! The brewing method is a super-simple way to make an excellent cup of coffee—anytime, anywhere, and in a matter of a few minutes. Simply add hot water, steep, and enjoy! Instant coffee like you've never experienced. Great to bring to the office - for a contactless option.


Kit includes Single-Serve packs with our:


WBC World's Best Coffee
with chocolate notes and complex berry tones.
Crazy Goat
 a blend with flavors of dark chocolate and sweet toffee.
  • Camper Mug - Available in black or teal