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notNeutral Gino Glass Dripper - Klatch Coffee Roasting

notNeutral Gino Glass Dripper

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The Gino Dripper is the brewing method used by our Coffee Guru, Todd Goldsworthy to win the 2014 Southwest and US Brewers Cup competition. This is an awesome brewing companion to get the best out of your favorite coffee.

Meticulously designed and tested, the LINO collection achieves a seamless marriage of form and function. The GINO dripper is made from borosilicate, a laboratory-grade, light weight glass that is heat and scratch resistant.

The double-walled construction insulates while highlighting the coffee extraction. The handle-less profile is elegantly tapered to comfortably fit any grip. The angle of the interior cone and size of the 3 holes at the bottom are engineered to ensure the optimal distance for water to travel through the coffee bed, ensuring an even extraction for a pure and flavorful brewed coffee.

  • Hand blown borosilicate double walled glass

  • Food grade, germ resistant surface, 100% recyclable, silicone gasket

  • Dishwasher safe

  • 3"H x 4.5"W

  • Gift boxed

  • Works with Kalita filter #185 and Tiamo filter #02

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