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Belle Espresso

blackberry - chocolate - brandy

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 REGION:  Global     FARM:  Various     FARMER:  Various     VARIETAL:  Various

ALTITUDE:  Various     ROAST:  Medium|Dark


Our Belle is our highest rated espresso blend with 94 points by coffee expert Kenneth Davids of Coffee Review. Ken tried 40 espressos and rated over 30 espresso blends, placing Belle on top.

Belle Espresso is one of our favorites in our coffee houses as it adds great balance when used with milk based drinks.

This decadent espresso has notes of blackberry, chocolate, and brandy with a creamy body and a sweet finish. The flavors layer with hints of orange citrus and spice.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent as always!

Awesome espresso

Great espresso

Great as a standalone or in milk drinks

This is the 4th coffee I have tried from Klatch, and I think it's one of my favorite and I believe least expensive. I tried it alongside their House, which is a similar price point and makes a good reference point. To me, the House was well named, like what a shop would use primarily to make milk-based drinks and nothing that stands out in terms of the espresso itself. The Belle was more flavorful, something that I enjoy more as straight espresso, in addition to in cappuccinos, etc. I lack the coffee terminology to describe it better than that, but the coffee "notes" are written on the bag for your reference: brandy, caramel, cedar, flowers.

The Best

A few years ago, I went deep into espresso, especially for (at that time) a regular at Starbucks. After a month of nonstop research, I ended up with a used La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi v2 and a Vario grinder. Took a month of trial and error to make a decent shot. Took a lot longer to learn the basics of latte art.

Anyway, it's not about the art, though this bean is definitely that. I tried a variety of beans, honing in quickly on the medium - medium-dark roast as my preferred roast level. Tried Velton's Bonsai Blend, a few Intelligentsia beans (e.g. Black Cat Analog), and others...and in the end kept coming back to Belle.

The flavor profile is just amazing and consistent. I make everything from straight shots to long blacks to flavored lattes, and it is delicious in every format.

Ordering is simple and quick, and so is the shipping. Within a couple of days of ordering, I receive notification that my shipment was just roasted and it's on its way. I get the shipment a day later (2 days after roast). The beans are basically good to go the following day (3rd day after roast does enough degassing).

To note, I am in Southern California, so I'm near Klatch, and that might have something to do with the quick receipt (I just choose basic shipping).

Anyway, highly, highly recommended by me, a humble home barista.



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